The Alpha Biker Link Library: Motorcycle Clubs

Welcome to the Motorcycle Club section of The Alpha Biker Link Library.

We are only including clubs that are actual MCs that are associated primarily with American V-Twins.  That said, we have broken down motorcycle clubs into the following factions: 

  • 1%ers (one percenters) and their supporting clubs
  • Civilians (with subcategories of female, clean & sober, and religious)
  • Public Servants / Military clubs
  • Native Americans
  • Confederations of Clubs
  • Riding Groups (non-MCs)

Again, this is going to be a bitch to keep current... if you see something out of date... give us a shout!

Before getting started... check out this educational website on clubs and protocol...  Motorcycle Club & Riding Club Education.  This is some very good reading. 

The data format for this section is as follows... 

Website : Territory : Comments

Biker Links: One Percenter Motorcycle Clubs

Welcome to the most popular page of Alpha Biker dot Com... the 1%er (one percenter) motorcycle club listing! 

All clubs on this page openly state their position as a 1%er club.  You will often see the 1%er diamond on bikers that have earned that title.

Now for a word on "support clubs"...

Let's be clear here... we are using the term "supporter" generically... this does not mean that someone is a "Support Club"...which has a different connotation... we are simply stating that the club in question openly demonstrates it's allegiance to a major national club... this is typically done by sewing support patches to club vests or stating so on its website.  We take this section very seriously, help us make it as accurate as possible.

In addition, where a club has made a specific statement of being an "affiliate" vs."supporter" we have classified them accordingly.  Again, help us keep this up to date.  If you see something that is inaccurate, drop us a line and we will check it out.


69er's MC : New York

Alky Haulers MC : California : Hells Angels MC supporters

American Iron MC : Colorado : Sons of Silence MC supporters

Amigos MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters 

Avengers MC 

Bandidos MC : World-wide

Banshees MC : Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee

Bishops MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Black Pistons MC : World-wide :  Outlaws MC supporters

Bridgerunners MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Bruise Brothers MC : Georgia : Hells Angels MC supporters

Ching-A-Ling MC : New York, California, Virginia

Companeros MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters

Condemned Few MC : New York and New Jersey

Darkside MC : New York

Defiant Souls MC : Iowa : Sons of Silence MC supporters

Demon Knights MC : New York 

Desperado's MC : North Carolina & Virginia : Hells Angels MC supporters 

Desperados MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters

Destralos MC :  Washington : Bandidos MC supporters

Deuces Wild MC : Colorado : Sons of Silence MC supporters 

Devil's Desciples MC : New England : no website

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Biker Links: Civilian Motorcycle Clubs

Welcome to the Alpha Biker dot Com civilian motorcycle club listing.  This listing of motorcycle clubs is for those that specifically state that they are not 1%ers (one percenters) or openly state they are a "family oriented" club.

Help us keep this list current by dropping us a line.


Boozefighters MC : Nation-wide 

Branded Few MC

Brotherhood MC : World-wide 

Brothers of the Wheel MC : West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky

Buffalo Soldiers : Nation-wide

California Posse MC : California 

D.C. Eagles MC : Illinios, Wisconsin

Death Defiants MC : New York

Deathtraps MC : California

Defiant Crew MC : Nation-wide

Demon Seed MC : Nation-wide

Devils Diciples MC : Nation-wide

Disloyal Few MC : Georgia

Distant Thunder MC : Florida

Flint MC : Michigan

Free Wheelers : Illinois

Freedom Seekers MC : Georgia 

Freemasons RC : Nation-wide

Gremlins MC : Missouri  : Invaders MC supporters

Gypsy MC : World-wide

Highlanders MC : Tennessee

Hoboken MC : New Jersey

Idontknow MC : New York

Illusions MC : Virginia

Insane Riders MC :  New York

Iron Order MC : Nation-wide 

Iron Skulls MC : Illinois

Iron Tribe MC

Jackpine Gypsies MC : South Dakota

Kanaka Hekili MC : Hawaii

Loners MC : West Coast & South West

Long Riders MC : California 

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Biker Links: Female Motorcycle Clubs

Amazons MC : World-wide : Female Club

Bomber Girls RC : Georgia : Female Club

Cycle Sisters MC : New York : Female Club 

Devil Dolls MC : California : Female Club 

Harpies Sisterhood MC : World-wide : Female Club

Hellkats MC : Mid-west : Female Club

Iron Maidens MC : New York : Female Club : myspace page only

Leather & Lace MC : East and West Coasts : Female Club

Medieval Maidens MC : Arizona : Female Club

Sinful Souls MC : New York : Female Club... myspace page only

She Devils USA MC : California : Female Club 

Steel Hearts MC : North Carolina : Female Club

Wildish MC : Oregon : Female Club

Biker Links: Clean & Sober Motorcycle Clubs

3rd Legacy MC : California : Clean & Sober 

About 12 MC : Maryland : Clean & Sober 

Alliance MC : New York : Clean & Sober 

Alternative MC : Various States : Clean & Sober

Association for Recovering Motorcycles (A.R.M) : World-wide

Bill W's Sober Pack MC : California : Clean & Sober 

Boondock Saints MC : New York : Clean & Sober

Dry Riders MC : Minnesota : Clean & Sober 

E-Z Riders MC : California : Clean & Sober

Four Horsemen MC : Hawaii : Clean & Sober

Fourth Dimension MC : Florida : Clean & Sober 

Freedom Warriors MC : California : Clean & Sober

Lost Coast Survivors MC : California : Clean & Sober 

Messengers MC : Pennsylvania : Clean & Sober

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Biker Links: Christian Motorcycle Clubs

2nd Thief MM : Multi-state : Christian

3 Angels Messengers MA : Texas : Christian

Ambassadors for Jesus MM : Texas & Virginia :  Christian

Apostles Creed MM : Arizona : Christian

Bikers for Christ MM : World-wide : Christian 

Biker Down WNC Ministry : North Carolina : Christian : Host of Labor Day Revivers Rally

Black Sheep MM : World-wide : Christian

Brothers in Christ MM : Nation-wide : Christian

Calvary Riders MM : World-wide : Christian 

Chosen Brotherhood MC : South Carolina : Christian

Christian Motorcyclist Association :  Worldwide : Christian

Covenant MM : World-wide : Christian

Cycle Disciples MC : Mid-west : Christian

Cycle Disciples International MC : World-wide : Christian 

Harley-Davidsons for Christ MM : Nation-wide : Christian

Heaven's Disciples MC : Florida : Christian

Heaven's Saints MM : Multi-state : Christian

Hellfighters MM : World-wide : Christian

HonorBound MM : Nation-wide : Christian

Messengers MC : California : Christian 

Painted-Highway MM : North Carolina : Christian

Prodigal Sons MC : Nation-wide : Christian 

Servants for Christ MC : Nation-wide : Christian 

Soldiers for Jesus MC : Multi-state : Christian 

Sons of God MC : Nation-wide : Christian

Soul Winning Soldiers MM : Virginia : Christian

Spirit Riders MM : Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky : Christian

Tribe of Judah MM : Nation-wide : Christian 

Trinity Riders CMC : Nation-wide : Christian

Wheels of Faith MM : World-wide : Christian

Biker Links: Military & Public Servant Motorcycle Clubs

64 Brothers RC : Arizona

American Knights MC : Illinois

American Steel MC : World-wide : All branches of the military

American Veterans MC : Nation-wide : All branches of the military

Archangel Riders MC : Maryland : Cops, Firefighters, and Military

Armed Forces MC : Multi-state : All branches of the military 

Axemen MC : Nation-wide : Firefighters

Black Horse Nomads MC : Nation-wide : Army

Blue Bloods MC : Nation-wide : Cops

Blue Crew MC : Nation-wide : Cops, Firefighters, Military

Blue Knights MC : Nation-wide : Cops

Brothers in Arms MC : All branches of the military

Brush Dawgs MC : Nation-wide : Border Patrol Agents

Choir Boys MC : West Coast : Cops

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association : Nation-wide : All branches of the military

Desert Knights : Virginia : Desert Era Veterans

Dragon Slayers MC : North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey : Firefighters

EMS Angels MC : Word-wide : EMS personnel

Enforcers MC : Nation-wide : Cops

Expendables MC : Tennessee, Texas : Cops, Military, Firefighters

Fireriders MC :  New York : Affiliated with Red Knights MC

Green Knights MC : All branches of the military

Gunfighters MC : Nation-wide : Cops 

Hired Guns MC : Word-wide : Cops 

In Country MC : World-wide : Vietnam Vets

Iron Brotherhood MC :  Nation-wide : Cops

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