Biker Links: One Percenter Motorcycle Clubs

Welcome to the most popular page of Alpha Biker dot Com... the 1%er (one percenter) motorcycle club listing! 

All clubs on this page openly state their position as a 1%er club.  You will often see the 1%er diamond on bikers that have earned that title.

Now for a word on "support clubs"...

Let's be clear here... we are using the term "supporter" generically... this does not mean that someone is a "Support Club"...which has a different connotation... we are simply stating that the club in question openly demonstrates it's allegiance to a major national club... this is typically done by sewing support patches to club vests or stating so on its website.  We take this section very seriously, help us make it as accurate as possible.

In addition, where a club has made a specific statement of being an "affiliate" vs."supporter" we have classified them accordingly.  Again, help us keep this up to date.  If you see something that is inaccurate, drop us a line and we will check it out.


69er's MC : New York

Alky Haulers MC : California : Hells Angels MC supporters

American Iron MC : Colorado : Sons of Silence MC supporters

Amigos MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters 

Avengers MC 

Bandidos MC : World-wide

Banshees MC : Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee

Bishops MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Black Pistons MC : World-wide :  Outlaws MC supporters

Bridgerunners MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Bruise Brothers MC : Georgia : Hells Angels MC supporters

Ching-A-Ling MC : New York, California, Virginia

Companeros MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters

Condemned Few MC : New York and New Jersey

Darkside MC : New York

Defiant Souls MC : Iowa : Sons of Silence MC supporters

Demon Knights MC : New York 

Desperado's MC : North Carolina & Virginia : Hells Angels MC supporters 

Desperados MC : Texas : Bandidos MC supporters

Destralos MC :  Washington : Bandidos MC supporters

Deuces Wild MC : Colorado : Sons of Silence MC supporters 

Devil's Desciples MC : New England : no website

Few Good Men MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Filthy Bastards MC : California

Galloping Goose MC : Mid-West

Green Machine MC : California 

Gray Ghosts MC : Louisiana : Bandidos MC supporters 

Hells Angels MC : World-wide

Hell's Lovers MC : Nation-wide : Multi-ethnic club... no website

Gypsy Joker MC : World Wide

Henchmen MC :  California 

Hermanos MC : North-west : Bandidos MC supporters 

Hessians MC : West Coast 

Hombres MC : Washington : Bandidos MC supporters 

Hermanos MC : Mid-west : Bandidos MC supporters 

Invaders MC : Mid-west

Iron Cross MC : New England

Iron Horsemen MC : World-wide 

Iron Tribe MC : Virginia : Renegades MC supporters

Jus Brothers MC : California

Keltics MC : Florida & Tennessee : Outlaws MC affiliates

Legacy MC : Illinois : Polish Heritage Club : Outlaws MC supporters

Legends MC : Florida : Pagans MC supporters

Lower Class MC : Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania : Outlaws MC supporters

Merciless Souls MC : Virginia : Hells Angels MC supporters

Midwest Drifters MC : Missouri : Galloping Goose MC supporters

Molochs MC : California

Mongols MC : South-West

New Attitudes MC : Multi-state : Clean & Sober Outlaws MC affiliates

Outcast MC : Nation-wide : Black 1%ers

Outcasters MC : New York

Outlaws MC : World-wide 

Pagans MC : Nation-wide : We only found a site for jailed Pagans here

Phantoms MC : Nation-wide 

Pistoleros MC : World-wide : Bandidos MC supporters 

Rebel Rousers MC : North Carolina : Hells Angels MC supporters : myspace page only

Rebels MC : World-wide

Red Devils MC : World-wide : Hells Angels MC supporters

Red Nation MC : California 

Renegades MC : Nation-wide

Restless Spirits MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Road Disciples MC : Nation-wide

Road Reapers MC : East Coast & Mid-West: Hells Angels MC supporters

Rock Machine MC : World-wide

Silent Few MC : Arkansas : Sons of Silence MC supporters 

Silent Rebels MC : Louisiana : Sons of Silence MC supporters 

Silent Thunder MC : North Dakota : Sons of Silence MC supporters 

Sons of Silence MC : World-wide 

Southern Sons MC : Tennessee

Unforgiven MC : New York : Hells Angels MC supporters

Vagos MC : World-wide

Valhalla MC : Nebraska : Hells Angels MC supporters

Warlocks MC : World-wide  

Wino's Crew MC : World-wide

Wrecking Crew MC : Georgia : Warlocks MC supporters